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The TaoXenia Association represents more than 30 non-hotel accommodation facilities, including B & Bs, Holiday Homes, Guest Houses and Tourist Rentals, a sector that represents 4% of the National GDP. 

The idea of ​​associating was born from the desire of some of us to create a network of small and micro enterprises like ours, present in the area. A network of discussion and collaboration to be together in solving the problems of our activities, to have a voice and to be represented before the institutions. 

The deed of incorporation of the association was signed on May 4, 2020 and the board is composed of the founding members: president Paola Costa, vice president Massimo Cifali, general secretary Evelyn Turiano, treasurer Roberto Parisi and councilor Stefano Intilisano, we also have a group composed by 5 directors.

The association is democratic, free from any ties with any other association or political party, it is pluralist, it pursues and protects its own autonomy, guarantees the independence of the members and the transparency of its functioning and work following the principles and rules of the Statute. Membership gives the opportunity to access information services, training, assistance among members, to access consultancy for businesses in order to be able to develop economically in accordance with the laws of the State, the Region and the Municipality.

To this end we have been called to participate as founding members, together with 28 other associations from all over Italy, of the FARE National Federation (federation of non-hotel accommodation associations) which has seen the birth in these days.

For the association it is a great recognition almost a year after our constitution to participate in a national project and to have recognized a founding role. In these twelve months we have made ourselves known locally so much that we have participated in several meetings with the municipal administration, with other sector associations present in the area and have a position as a representative of the non-hotel sector at the commission of the city tourist tax. of Taormina, which happens for the first time.

In recent months we have organized a series of on-line meetings-seminars dedicated to our associates on various topics including Destination Management presenting Costa Meraviglia, Revenue Management presenting the forecasts 2021-2022, we have presented a management program suitable for our types of structures with the company and a meeting with the business associations, hoteliers and traders in which the councilor for tourism also participated. Other meetings are scheduled for next autumn-winter. We are present with a chat on whatsapp to immediately answer all the questions or requests of our members, with an email and with the Facebook and Instagram pages. 

We have also entered into agreements with service and goods suppliers (tax consultant, insurance agency, beverage wholesaler and more) to access discounts. 
Associating does not mean being passively within a group or waiting for the board to come up with ideas and solutions when there are problems, associating means actively participating in the solution of the problems of the individual associate, it means bringing something to the group. 

We for our part have put and will put our commitment to always be informed and present, we expect the same presence from every single member.
If you are interested we will be happy to provide you with more information by sending our documentation, I remind you that the annual registration fee for the TaoXenia association is € 52.00 (fifty-two).

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